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Physical Therapy for Veterans

We are now accepting VA referrals and payment!
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Pelham Physical Medicine

Complete Physical Therapy for Veterans in The Bronx, NY

We are now accepting outpatient referrals from the VA! Veterans Hospital, Centers and Clinics

Pelham Physical Medicine has specialized in improving patients’ quality of life for over 30 years. Our experienced doctors and rehabilitation specialists offer a complete range of services to treat patients who struggle with limited mobility and chronic pain. We accept outpatient referrals from VA hospitals, centers, and clinics, and we are proud to provide physical therapy for veterans in The Bronx, NY. It is our honor to serve those who have served our country. Simply get a referral, and we will do the rest. 

We are registered with the Bronx Veterans Hospital. If you are a veteran who requires physical rehabilitation and therapy, reach out to us right away. Whether you are experiencing symptoms related to back pain, knee pain, pinched nerves, post-surgical recovery, or a variety of other conditions, our medical professionals are here to help.

Specializing in Veterans’ Care

You don’t have to live with ongoing pain or difficulty moving. Our highly effective treatments have successfully helped numerous patients over the years. Let our team of specialists personalize your course of treatment today.

Too often, veterans who need physical therapy are placed on the VA’s waiting list. At our center, you can begin treatment right away. If you’re on the VA’s waiting list, live too far away from the VA, or you require more specialized treatment, ask your community-based outpatient clinic (CBOC) doctor for a referral. Our team provides such procedures as:

• Orthopedics,Sports,Musculoskeletal, Neurologic • Axillary Cording after Breast Surgery or Lymph Node Removal
• Vestibular Rehabilitation (Balance Training/Testing,Vertigo)  • Lymphedema Treatment

Reliable Physical Therapy for Veterans

You have done your part to serve our country; now it’s time to let our team take care of you here at home. At Pelham Physical Medicine, we have made it our primary focus to help former military personnel deal with their injuries and chronic pain through our physical therapy for veterans in The Bronx, NY. We will give you the assistance you require to manage your pain and find effective treatments to help you get back to your pre-injury state. We also work directly with the VA, to ensure you are getting complete coverage for your treatments.

Effective Pain Relief

While medication helps to mask the symptoms of an injury, our physical therapy services help to treat them. We use time tested rehabilitation techniques to relieve chronic pain and treat musculoskeletal injuries at the source. Some of the typical treatments we offer include:

• Guided Exercises and Stretches • Massage • Applied Heat Therapy • Ultrasound and TENS Therapy

Through these treatments, our team is able to help you heal from your injuries and get you back to a life free from pain. So, if you are tired of suffering from chronic pain, then talk to your VA doctor and have them refer you to our physical therapy clinic for treatment.

Just get a referral we will do the rest. Call (718) 823-3900.

Contact us to learn more about the rehabilitation services we offer for veterans. We proudly serve veterans from The Bronx, NY as well as the surrounding areas.