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Physical Therapy for Veterans

We are now accepting VA referrals and payment!
Toll Free: (877) 516-8967

or Call: (718) 823-3900

Physical Therapy for Veterans

We are now accepting outpatient referrals from the VA! Veterans Hospital, Centers and Clinics

We recently became registered with the Bronx Veterans Hospital and can now offer physical therapy for veterans. This means that any veteran that needs physical therapy and is on a waiting list, lives too far from the VA. or is in need of specialized therapy such as Lymphedema treatment can be seen immediately as long as their community based outpatient clinic (CBOC) Doctor gives them a referral.

We Specialize in Physical Therapy for:

• Orthopedics,Sports,Musculoskeletal, Neurologic • Axillary Cording after Breast Surgery or Lymph Node Removal
• Vestibular Rehabilitation (Balance Training/Testing,Vertigo)  • Lymphedema Treatment

Just get a referral we will do the rest. Call (718) 823-3900.